Annual & Perennial Garden Design

Annual & Perennial Garden Design for NH Landscapes

Where trees, shrubs and hardscapes around your property can provide shape and texture to your landscape perennials and annuals can help complete your landscape by adding color and balance to really make your gardens stand out above the rest. With Simple By Nature Landscape providing the knowledge of what flowers blossom in the different season here in New Hampshire, using a variety of shrubs, bulbs, perennials, and annuals we can assure you your landscape will be glowing with color throughout the year.

Let Us Do the Work For You

Our plant installers will quickly and professionally install your flower garden, beds and borders.  All of our plantings are installed using a combination of peat moss and cow manure to insure the plants have the proper foundation to take root and thrive. Let us create a garden that can be enjoyed for years. Our plantings are guaranteed for one-year. So if something doesn’t come back the following year, we’ll gladly replace it.

Install on Your Own

We can also help you with a plan that you can install on your own. Using a landscape design program, we will give you a plant layout along with the plant names, which you can take to a nursery and purchase yourself. We will assist you to choose those varieties which suit the light, soil, and moisture conditions in different parts of your garden. We will also help you to choose deer-resistant plantings so your investment, hopefully, won’t be eaten by a four-legged neighbor.



To see more of our annual and perennial flower designs visit our Projects page.